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Hotel and Restaurant ERP Billing Software

Why Need Hotel ERP Billing Software Service?

This Hotel Management Software has all the features required for all Small & Medium hotels to function seamlessly.It is very friendly to use and manage all operations of a Hotel very effectively.This software can be set up for your unique needs.This Hotel management Software has been conceived by blend of seasoned professional.It is geared up to meet the demands of running a modern Hotel,Restaurant and bar.This system will give full solution for the Hotel Management Software.It will work on network so that multiple users will be able to work on this system simultaneously.It is a comprehensive software suite consisting of integrated modules for various aspects of hotel management Software.Hotel Management System is a software system where the management of entire hotel is computerized in Hotel Billing ERP Software at The Legal Bank Jaipur |Rajsthan |Idar |Sabarkantha |Gujarat

Table creation & transfer

The restaurant management software can make as many tables as possible by table creation option in the software. For table transfer the Transfer KTO option in the software allows you to make the changes if the customer decided to change his sitting location in The Legal Bank Jaipur |Rajsthan |Idar |Sabarkantha |Gujarat.

KOT (Kitchen Order Tickets)

ERP Hotel and  restaurant billing software gives you provision for Kitchen Order Tickets ( KOT) which is simple to use and flexible according to needs. In marg restaurant software, KOT contains details and modification provisions of table number , item ordered and its quantity and order status with color.


In Hotel ERP Billing Software and restaurant billing can Manage your inventory levels, waiter wise reports, date wise reports, colour wise table status, set reorder points to replenish stock and save your losses due to expiry.

Easy & Fast Billing

Zuosun ERP Software for restaurant Billing ease the billing with POS (Touch Screen) feature i.e. virtual keyboard, item selection and management.


Auto-Bank Reconciliation

Avail online banking option with ICICI Bank and Auto-Bank reconciliation facility with add Banks only in Hotel ERP Billing Software.

Cashier and Home Delivery

Cashier management and home delivery feature gives you 100% control on your business


E-Way Bill

Easily generate E-way Bill after registering on GST Portal and upload each and every process related to E-Way Bills on Portal itself.


Electronically upload B2B invoices authenticated by Invoice Registration Portal (IRP), Export invoices and Credit/Debit Notes for use on the common GST portal at The Legal Bank Jaipur |Rajsthan |Idar |Sabarkantha |Gujarat.

Order Calling

Eliminate the need to type customer’s contact number to place calls and receive orders by scanning the QR Code and barcode in Hotel ERP Billing Software.

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